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ISBN: 0-930706-26-9
Stock Market Timing Vol. 1 - Alte Auflage!
Cycles and Patterns in the Stock Indexes

This is a book about probabilities in the stock market. Specifically this book covers the entire history of the New York Stock Exchange (1789 - 1997) as well as the Japanese Nikkei Stock Index (1949 - 1997), identifies 15 long and short-term recurrent cycles, and the types of patterns which unfold in each. It clearly explains not only WHEN a market is likely to form an important crest or trough, but also HOW that cycle will likely unfold. It outlines the bullish and bearish phases of each cycle, tells which is operative at any given point in time, and how to tie that cycle in with the larger cycles for various investing or trading strategies. The 25 carefully constructed tables alone make this book an invaluable resource for traders and investors alike. With this knowledge one knows where the market is, where it is headed, when it is likely to get there, and what it will do next.
Autor/in: Raymond A. Merriman

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