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The Sun, The Moon, and the Silver Market
Revised edition

"A multi-faceted gem of a read is this one. Going for it is its research rigor, simplicity of expression, focus, and comprehensive use-ability. Well-referenced, the research results and summaries at the end of each chapter are listed for easy access and re-access by the trader. Mr. Merriman wrote this book with the trader and the material in mind, for it is easy to go through the varying levels of sophisticated research in order to learn by re-building the rationale of each trade presented. "Highly recommended."

- World-Wide Trader's News and Technical Service.

This popular book is now back in print, and completely revised with 25 years of daily prices studied for correlations between the Sun and Moon signs of isolated highs and lows in COMEX Silver (1981-2006). Instead of 3% reversals as explored in the first edition, this new work examines 4% reversals, and which signs have the highest (and lowest) correlations to such reversals. It also identifies correlations between Sun-Mercury and Sun-Venus signs for further support to high probability trades.

And a new section has been added that examines "Big Range Days" - those days in which Silver has a range of at least 3.5% of the value of the low of that day. This is a fabulous tool for those who wish to be day-traders of this volatile precious metal. All in all, this book provides the maximum benefit that all traders seek: high probability trades with minimal market exposure, making it a great reference book for short-term traders (1-7 day positions).
Autor/in: Raymond A. Merriman
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