MMA Weekly Comments and Trade Recommendations

The weekly report covers gold, silver, U.S.A. stock markets (Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P futures, NASDAQ 100 futures), T-notes, Euro currency (cash and futures), Dollar-Yen (cash), Euro-Yen (cash), Swiss Franc and Japanese Yen (futures), Corn, Wheat, and Soybeans. 8 to 12 pages. Available by e-mail only.

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100-112-1 Weekly Market Comm. Trade Recomm. 1 Monat engl. 165.00 CHF 
100-112 Weekly Market Comm. Trade Recomm. 3 Monate engl. 445.00 CHF 
100-111 Weekly Market Comm. Trade Recomm. 1 Jahr engl. 1'485.00 CHF 

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