Monthly International Cycles Report: Commodities

The MMTA International Cycles Report is written by select graduates of the Merriman Market Timing Academy (MMTA) and combines in-depth cycle studies with long-term geocosmic patterns using established MMA methodologies. This exciting new report will be issued on a monthly basis starting July 3, 2019.  

Sign up now and you will also receive – at no additional cost - the May and June issues of MMA Cycles Report, which contain the pilot analysis on Live Cattle (LC) and Cannabis EFT (MJ), and the May and June issues of our current ICR Report, which contains our initial analysis of Coffee, Corn, Wheat, and Sugar. These markets will shift on July 1 to become the focus for the new ICR Commodities Report, and will no longer appear in the monthly MMA Cycles or ICR Financials Report after June 30.

  • Live Cattle (LC)
  • Cannabis (MJ)
  • Gold and Silver (XAU)
  • Coffee (KT)
  • Sugar (KA)
  • Corn (C)
  • Wheat (W)

Click here to download a sample.

Note: All subscription reports are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Please note that subscriptions can be downloaded from the MMA Website, a username and password will be provided when your order is processed. Email attachments will also be sent to subscribers upon request.

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